Θέση πλήρους απασχόλησης για Διευθυντή Δημοτικού Σχολείου σε ιδιωτικό εκπαιδευτήριο

Δημοσίευση: 13/02/2018

The Thessaloniki School for Experiential Learning operates on the premises of the American Farm School and offers an extended, innovative educational program to young children 6 to 12 years of age. Main axes of the curriculum include experiential, environmental and innovative programs, enriched Science learning programs, English language acquisition and technological literacy.

Reporting and assignment mission:

The Elementary School Principal reports to the President of the American Farm School and is responsible for the development, management and evaluation of the Elementary education program and curriculum.

Job description:

The Elementary Principal oversees and is personally responsible for the successful operation of the School and more specifically for:

•    academic excellence and financial sustainability;

•    curriculum development and implementation, with emphasis on the experiential teaching of STEM;

•    extra-curricular programs;

•    teacher recruitment, coordination, evaluation and professional development;

•    participation in the development and implementation of academic strategic planning;

•    development of innovative academic initiatives and projects;

•    representation of the School in national and international academic networks, government bodies and the community;

•    communication with parents on academic matters;

•    oversight of student record keeping, as well as official correspondence and communicaton with the Department of Education;

•    teaching the number of classes required by Greek law;

•    the organization in cooperation with the Department of Enrollment and Communication of student recruiting activities; and

•    coordination of school activities and events as well as community activities addressed to student families.

Necessary qualifications:

•    Highly qualified and certified to teach Elementary School in Greece

•    Teaching experience in elementary education

•    Demonstrated commitment to the environment or education in the life sciences  

•    Proficiency in English

•    Excellent IT skills

Additional skills:

•    Current teaching methods with focus in experiential learning and environmental education
•    Elementary education curriculum development experience

•    Ability to develop collaborations with U.S. institutions

•    Experience in elementary education administration

•    Ability to recruit, guide and develop a team of highly motivated teaching staff

•    Efficient management of the program’s resources

•    Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills

•    Commitment to excellence and educational innovation

•    Impeccable work ethics

•    Desire to grow professionally

Candidates should send a letter of interest and their CV by February 23rd, 2018 electronically only to the e-mail address: The e-mail should have the subject: Application for Elementary Principal position.

For more information, please contact the Human Resources Department, Despina Theodoridou, tel.: 2310 492740.

All applications will be processed with confidentiality.


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